03.09.2012 - Monday

03.09.2012 - Dar es Salaam
Today's already the last day of our great trip. At last Breakfast is at 10 this morning and the rest of the day ist just as relaxing.

First we go to Slipway's, a tourist area where we see the Indian Ocean and get to know another side of Tanzania yet again.


02.09.2012 - Sunday

02.09.2012 - Dar es Salaam

Our last concert day in Tanzania... and we are getting another taste of the big city of Dar es Salaam, which seems quite Western Euorpean to us after those days in the countryside. This is not only because of the much more modern buildings (there are even some high rises) but also because of the church service at 8.30 a.m. to which we are invited and which begins almost on time at 8.45 a.m.:-)

01.09.2012 - Saturday

01.09.2012 - Mikumi
Today we are planning to visit Mikumi National Park. In order to see as many animals as possible we have to be at the park at 6 in the morning...therefore we have to get up at 5. Oh, did I mention that we didn't get to bed until 1 in the morning yesterday - respectively today?

31.08.2012 - Friday

31.08.2012 - Kilimatinde Hospital

Today we are travelling to Mikumi more or less the whole day in order to be abe to visit the national park there tomorrow. Before that, however, we pay a visit to the hospital at Kilimatinde where Elisabeth is working.

30.08.2012 - Thursday

30.08.2012 - Manyoni
A day off at last to recover a little from the strain of travelling and singing! Unfortunately however we can not have a lie in today eiter because some of us...

29.08.2012 - Wednesday

29.08.2012 - Singida
After yesterday's concert and a terribly bad night for some of us, we set off today at 8 o'clock after breakfast (yes we always have to get up so early...) for a little walk to Singida Lake. Some African singers from last night's concert are coming along as well (for instance Andrew, top right in the picture above):-)

28.08.2012 - Tuesday

28.08.2012 - Itigi

It's back to the church again early next morning (5.45). We have to walk several kilometres to get breakfast...Luckily everyone is very helpful here lending a hand:-)


27.08.2012 - Monday

27.08.2012 - Kilimatinde

We are supposed to leave at 8 in the morning African Time. Therefore all germans are ready to go at 5 past eight. Unfortunately we still have not got properly used to the Tanzanian way of life, which means that we will be waiting yet another hour and a half for the bus to come. In the meantime we are having a closer look at the church grounds and make an inspection of a "broken" tractor - finding out that all there is wrong with it is the missing key!

26.08.2012 - Sunday

Manyoni - 26.08.2012

We are invited to participate in the church service at 9 o'clock. We are going make music and dance together with our African hosts.

Intermediate report 1

22.08.2012 – The youth choir Vocal Freestyle is going on a big journey. We are travelling to Tanzania for 15 days. In the following you can read about the first impressions of our journey. You can find up-to date information about us under "Aktuelles"