29.08.2012 - Wednesday

29.08.2012 - Singida
After yesterday's concert and a terribly bad night for some of us, we set off today at 8 o'clock after breakfast (yes we always have to get up so early...) for a little walk to Singida Lake. Some African singers from last night's concert are coming along as well (for instance Andrew, top right in the picture above):-)


The sandy and stony ground does not stop us from taking Simon along wherever we go. Meanwhile the wheelchair  can be awarded the label "4-wheel-drive" thanks to our strong lads;-)

and this is what a Tanzanian lake looks like...somewhat dried up an salty - although the lake is filled only  with rainwater!

We seize the opportunity for a quick group picture with our friends from Singida.

We become very creative using the environment for a bit of a photo shooting. Classical...


...or romantic.


We are not quite sure what caused this look. Perhaps it was too much sun or too many romantic photos:-D

Our photographers are taking upa widerange of different poses in order to obtain the best pictures.

The result are pin sharp photographs of people several hundred metres away who don't feel observed at all as you can easily tell.

Within no time at all barriers in international understanding are torn down...

...on both sides;-) (this is Andrew by the way)

While some of us are examining a well discussing how it could be improved...

...others are having a go at looking after the cattle...

...professional cattle keepers showing them how it works.

After the morning walk Andreas is opening the noon concert...

...and Miri is enchanting the audience with her voice too.

At the end of the concert a special honour is bestowed upon Philip, when the priest's son gives him a self-made card. We formally appreciate this event upgrading Philip from being our "handy man" to being the "choir's mascot" as his good-natured and helpful character is very much appreciated by everyone. Besides you feel safe even in the darkest alleyways when he's around:-)

The same food every day...no...today there's even fish on the menu on top of the usual stuff (rice, potatoes, stew etc.)!

On the way back to Manyoni we make a short stop at Singida's latest church building project. After about 2 weeks' building time at least the basic walls are erected (there's no foundation by the way)!

Bevore we can sign the traditional guest book (yes, the unfinished church already has its guestbook - even hospitals have guestbooks!) we are watering the newly planted trees on the church grounds.

While some of us are busy watering flowers, others are checking out the nearby surroundings.

In order to get the best views one even accepts having to climb up rocks.

Realizing that he has failed to do his morning exercises today, Andrew spontaneously catches up on the opportunity to do them in this perfect climbing area.

The remaining day we spend in the bus on the road from Singida to Manyoni. On the African roads the bus cannot go faster than 15 km/h - feels like 150 km/h though.