03.09.2012 - Monday

03.09.2012 - Dar es SalaamToday's already the last day of our great trip. At last Breakfast is at 10 this morning and the rest of the day ist just as relaxing.

First we go to Slipway's, a tourist area where we see the Indian Ocean and get to know another side of Tanzania yet again.

We are enjoying the view from the coast watching a lot of interesting things from shaky...

...via traditional...

...up to modern fishing boats - there's something of everything:-)

Even building construction seems to be somewhat more modern here. After all they are obviously even using a plumbline here and...

scaffolding! Correspondingly the buildings do look a bit mor stable here;-)

We start to feel hungry and as it is appropriate for proper tourists we sit down in an restaurant with comparatively European meals and prices.

A pizza for about 6 Euros (converted)... even this exorbitant price cannot spoil our good mood - and certainly not our appetite:-D


After the tasty pizza we are heading for the beach. Actually our bus is meant to leave at 2 p.m. but today we take it the African way which means we do not return to the bus although we know we're late.

Certain members of our group are very attracted by the thought of gaining a swimming badge in the Indian Ocean.

Time for a photo session for the non-swimmers among us...

...or time to at least cool down one's feet a little.

Our next stop before we return to our hostel ist the "artists' market" of which unfortunately we have no photographs (it proved a little difficult taking photos there). So we say goodbye to Tanzania - at least to the scenery and the people - with a traditional picture from the beach.

But the day's not over yet. Back at the Kurasini hostel we gather in the day room for a final feedback round - particularly about our impressions of Tanzania.

Finally all that is left to do is to say goodbye to Elisabeth. According to the motto "don't waste a thing" we compile our left overs like medication and other things we do not need to take back to Germany leaving them for further use in Elisabeth's drugstore in Tanzania